Career Timeline: Wesley J Wieland

Wesley J Wieland

10426 Kali Ave. NE
Albertville MN  55301
home: 715-839-0718


To use the wide variety of skills I have developed through training and experience for the mutual benefit of my customers, team members/co-workers, and myself.

Summary of Experience

  • Three years experience with GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Plant Applications
  • Two years experience with Wonderware MES
  • Two years of experience in IT support.
  • Six years experience customizing, implementing, and supporting CAM software in support of Design, Test, and Manufacture of IC Packaging.
  • Two years experience developing Web based applications to customer specification using Perl CGI/DBI and Mysql.
  • 20 years experience using Linux.
  • 10 years experience working in heterogeneous networked environments consisting of Solaris, HPUX, Linux, DOS, Windows 3.1 - NT 4.0 and Apple systems.
  • Extensive experience in manufacturing operations in the printed circuit board industry.
  • Six years experience in prototype/R&D environments.
  • Previous certification as an ISO 9000 Auditor.

Summary of Skills

  • Trouble-shooting and maintaining automated manufacturing systems of varied complexity.
  • rogramming related: Visual Basic 5.0/6.0/.NET, Perl 5.x.x., PHP, Labview, Javascript, HTML5,
    CSS3, SVG, RSLogix, CVS, SVN, Cruise Control, Hudson
  • Specification, deployment, management and use of Unix/MSWindows applications, Linux/os, NFS,
    Samba, DNS, TCP/IP, Ethernet, AppleTalk, Apache, MySQL, CommuniGate | MicroSoft 3.1 - NT 4.0/os,
    MicroSoft Office 97 -2000, AutoCad 11 - 2000, ¬†SolidWorks 98 - 99, Labview, Lotus 123, GE Proficy Plant Apps, Wonderware  .
  • Web application programming in Perl and PHP.


A.A. - Electromechanical Technology;
Chippewa Valley Technical College
Eau Claire WI.  1988 - 1992

Bachelors of Manufacturing Management - Quality Management
University of Minnesota
Crookston MN.  2010 - Current

Professional Experience

Automation Engineer
John Deere & Co.. April 2011 - Present
Manage project to implement MES (Manufacturing Execution System) at the John Deere Foundry in Waterloo Iowa. Coordinate the selection of the vendor, establish short and long term support contracts with vendor partners, oversee generation of Functional Design Specification, Software Design Specification, Factory Acceptance Testing. Work with internal teams to ensure final design meets with enterprise standards and requirements with respect to IT security and maintainabilty. Colaborate with foreign and domestic vendors to ensure integration between automation and MES.

MES Developer
Malt-O-Meal. October 2007 - January 2011
Subject matter expert in GE Proficy Suite of MES software applications including Historian, Plant Applications and RTIP. Work in coordination with internal and external resources to complete configuration and development tasks stratigically aligned with the goal of enterprise wide ERP/MES implementation.

Build & Deployment Engineer
Covansys. September 2006 - October 2007
Build and Deploy Enterprise level Java Applications - Insurance Industry
Coordinate efforts in delivering deployable units from the developers desktop through the testing stages and to production. Identify process improvement opportunities. Establish and document standards in support of the build and deploy process. Be a subject matter expert in the tools used for build and deploy. Tools used: OpenMake 6.3 and 6.41, Harvest 7.0, Maven 2.0, MyEcplipse, CVS. Develop and implement automation in support of the standard processes. Liase between Software Configuration Management, Software Engineering, and Development Teams.

Controls Specialist
Hutchinson Technologies Inc.. May-2004 - September 2006
Automation Control - Hard drive components:
Maintain, develop and modify automation control. Program ladder logic on GE Fanuc PLC and HMI units. Program and integrate Adept Robots. Project to replace controls in vacuum lamination machines incorporating a "Cell System" between multiple laminators, SCADA ready. Trouble shoot and maintain software on APS plasma systems. Participate in process improvements from an automation standpoint. Provide engineering with expert advice on automation application.

CIM Engineer
TTM Technologies Inc.>. October-2002 - February 2005
Computer Integrated Manufacturing - Printed Circuit Boards:
Responsible for development and maintenance of integration of automated manufacturing systems starting at pre-production and extending throughout processes on the manufacturing floor.

See Wieland Consulting. October-2001 - Present

Web Programmer
WebTeam. October-2000 - November-2001
Lead programmer on a project for a Webteam Client.
Project required extensive perl programming making heavy use of the DBI module for integrating with MySQL Databases, and the CGI module for integrating with a Linux based Apache Webserver.  Four hundred databases, consisting of about 15 tables each, with a total of twenty one million records were assembled during the course of this project.  The project required some module creation, daemon writing, and client/server - server/server control module creation.  The site can be seen at

CAM Engineer
W.L. Gore & Associates Inc., Electronic Products Division. December 1995 - October 2000
Primarily responsible for CAM engineering, (Computer Aided Manufacturing) in the high speed, high performance,Integrated Circuit Packaging industry. Responsibilities included development of software tools to automate design rule checking, manufacturing rule checking, and machine code to machine code translation of manufacturing data files. Programming in MS Visual Basic 5.0, 6.0, and PERL. Drafting of ISO 9000 documentation for processes related to CAM and CAM-Design integration. Responsible for electronic distribution of manufacturing information to the manufacturing floor via web page design in cooperation with the IT team.

IT Technician, Corporate Computing and Networking.
Cray Research Inc. October 1993 - November 1995
Responsibilities included installation, trouble-shooting and repair Desktop workstations and Network Servers as well as basic network setup and maintenance. Workstations were a mix of Sun Sparc5, Sparc20, various versions of Apple and Macintosh, as well as IBM Clones. Most servers that were worked on were Sun 1000/2000 server platforms along with some of the legacy models such as Sun 4/260, 4/280. Several Cray CS6400 servers were also included in this group. Specific duties included user support for software, hardware, and networking issues.

Temporary Assignment, Printed Circuit Research and Development
Cray Research Inc. October 1992 - November 1993
Automate process of height measurement of gold-plated flex circuit contacts. Explored the feasibility of using infrared vision system for locating buried latent shorts in 22, 17, and 52 layer circuit boards. Assisted in the development of electrical test strategies for late development stage printed circuit boards.

Maintenance Technician, Printed Circuit Facility
Cray Research Inc. December 1990 - October 1992
Responsibilities included maintaining and trouble-shooting manufacturing and facilities equipment used in printed circuit board manufacturing processes. Assisted the implementation of, and transition to, a PC based paperless work-order system, using MP2 Maintenance Software. Assisted in the training of fellow employees in use of Paradox 3.5 for preventative maintenance report generation and machine performance analysis.

Printed Circuit Board Test/Inspection
Cray Research Inc. May 1988 - December 1990
Responsibilities included Data preparation for automated electrical test of final printed circuit board products. Specifically, converting Gerber and Drill data into a format that permitted automated electrical test equipment to perform high-speed continuity and resistance checks against expected values or learned values. Identification and repair (if possible) or disposition of product defects by means of visual inspection, electrical testing, and/or automated optical inspection equipment

References available upon request.