I think I mentioned in a previous post that I was very concerned about the new bees that we purchased to replace our loss this last winter. I was so concerned that I made an extra trip to the Farm to check on them this last week. I am glad to say that, while I don’t find either colony all that strong, both have producing queens and a decent amount of workers to sustain their queens. That is better than what I was dreading. I am going to add some pollen and some sugar water to the feeders just to ensure they have a bit of a head start. They have been drawing comb, collecting wild pollen and even filling a few cells with honey stores. So they are active, and there are quite a few cells with brood in them.

I will take one more trip out to deliver the supplies, then head back home for another two days of chemo and to spend some time with my grandson before coming back down for my week of ‘vacation’: No chemo for seven days…. .

As is often the case, I did not get anywhere near as much done as I had hoped. I am out of shape from the winter and the various health challenges that took place through the cold months. I am so grateful for my wife having invited me to go to Morocco with her. I think I would have withdrawn without that to look forward to and subsequently, look back on. That trip was a great gift.

I had better get at it. I have a couple of hours work to do and then a five hour drive to make. I go home with the knowledge that there will be the possibility of some honey next year again. Probably none this year, but almost certainly next….