Morocco – 2017

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There is far too much to say about Morocco. It is a beautiful land in that sparse way only arid environs can be. The colors are incredible if one takes the time to simply look at them. The plant life is diverse and abundant, but again, only if one looks.

This land is ancient. Everything about it is ancient. One can feel it in that sand one might scoop up, just to feel the texture in ones hand. There are old souls bound to the grains of silica, clumped around the roots of the cactus and clinging to the branches of date palms. Nothing sinister, mind you, but a crisp dryness of old and wise spirit from back when life was just organizing itself. Long before anything like the ancient ruins even began to be a part of the landscape. Eons…

Our trip is of two parts: First and foremost is the conference which Oxana will attend which concerns some emerging economic frameworks. The subject matter is of keen interest to Oxana, and Morocco is both functionally and academically prime from a geopolitical point of view for the focus of the conference. Second, Morocco is a personal growth opportunity for both of us as individuals as well. Some folks go on vacation, some go places to learn things. For us, Morocco is a place to learn.


Selected images from Morocco 2017

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Retired automation engineer (having had many roles leading up to that). Interested in agriculture, economics, cancer research, philosophy, embedded systems and SOC(System On Chip). Enjoy the family farm and my grandsons and playing around with Raspberry Pi and Arduino systems. A bit of web programming in Perl... growing plants.... and too many other things to list.

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    1. The Argon tree is one of those strange forms of flora which grows only in Morocco. They have leaves which the goats like to eat, and those leaves are often available when other plant life which the goats might eat is not available. Incidentally, the oil produced from the fruit of those trees is worth taking a look at…

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