Is Anyone Really Buying Into This?

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So click that link below and read carefully…very carefully. And then take a look at one thing that is not mentioned in the article:

The Median Wage of a ‘Good Job’ in 1991 is almost the same as the Median Wage of a ‘Good Job’ in 2015.

Now go ahead and tell me just how well Wisconsinites or any other American is really doing. In 24 years the Median Wage of a good job has not changed by much more than a couple of thousand dollars, and in some cases it has gone down. Do you think the cost of living…you know…owning a car, paying rent or mortgage, feeding the kids, heath care, etc…. has held steady like that? Do the fucking math…..

Now, add to that the fact that your tax money is now being pulled out of the programs which serve you and that money is now being refunded to large corporations and some really well off folk. Does that make sense to you? Do you really think those refunds going to those corporations are going to come back to you in higher wages? Really??? Think about that…. Why would someone who has just been given a whole bunch of someone else’s money turn around and give it back in any form? Do you think they paid those lobbyists to get them those tax breaks so they could play Santa for your and your kids? Give you some opportunity? Yeah….you go ahead and keep believing that.

…and while were at it, if you would like a really great deal on some intangible assets, please let me know; I will be more than glad to fleece you for everything you have, right down to the shirt on your back. As far as I am concerned, If you are fool enough to think any of those things above are all for the good of you and your kids, you deserve to be stolen from and I will be happy to do it. Now and again I will give you a handout of your own money, pat you on the head and call you a drain on society. You know…welfare queen….all while my fist is wrapped around the money you were fool enough to give to me….

Am I really that cynical and mean spirited? Figure it out…

Good Jobs In Wisconsin?


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