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Second time this year for a multi-day hospital stay. Last time was just atypical pnumonia. This time sepsis and influenza get added to the list. Am starting to recover now a bit, but damn! Tis is some nasty stuff.

I knew something was not right when I sort of woke up Thursday morning. Just could not put two thoughts together. I called the oncologists, as shortness of breath is one of the possible side effects of the newest protocol, which I was having, but they were not really set up for that kind of thing. I asked Yulia to drop me at ER on her way to work. Somehow I got checked in….and then the work started. They had a hard time getting my O2 level over 85. Not good.

They were going to check me into the hospital there in Monticello, but they were running short of rooms and decided I needed a bit higher level care. Robbinsdale was full, so St. Cloud was the next option. I got my first ever ambulance ride out of the deal.

As usual, I have had the best of care. The folks at Monticello ER were responsive, professional and helpful. Folks at St. Cloud were the same. Dr. figures it will be a month to six weeks for me to recover to some semblance of normal relative to my respiretory function. Not bad I guess. Hell, I am still breathing….

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