Again. Yet more discord, confusion, and lack of planning land on the backs of the middle class and small businesses that are supposedly the sweetheart of this so-called pro-capitalist administration. Yeah, it is great, for someone I am sure. But for the average individuals? Probably not so much.

Yet more uncertainty tossed out by an administration that could not even exist without it.

So that opening statement and those ‘inflammatory’ words I use probably should be justified a bit, huh? Ok, let’s start with discord. We are in a economic era which has seen the greatest disparity between corporate profits and wage growth since the robber barons, driven by a failed economic theory called ‘trickle down’ which is still worshiped as if it were part of Biblical testaments. And after a world-altering ‘pop’ called the great recession from which the middle and lower classes have yet to even begin to recover, no less. Meanwhile, this ‘administration’ is playing around with global trade agreements as if it had even the beginning of a clue what one of those might be, not to mention how it might work, adding more chaos for everyone to get their panties in a bundle over. Yeah, lots of debate and face book memes and other meaningless arguments over all that too. Yup, discord.

Poor planning: What plan? The plan to ‘MAGA’? The plan for reduced health care costs? The plan for great health insurance? The plan to make N. Korea cow-tow? The plan to make China play by the rules? Thus far, the plan to dismantle anything done by the previous administration seems to be going along with the sails half full of wind, so I guess that must be some sort of win for someone, though I have not seen a single report that ties deregulation to a single job sector improving, or wages going up either, which were expected outcomes according to this administration. Still the same slow growth we had back in the last administration. Hmmm… . Nope not much for planning either are they? Gives one that nice sense of stability, huh? Not.

Confusion: Yeah, this is my favorite! In the business sector the strategy that is being employed by this administration is called ‘disruptive innovation’. Sometimes it works in business. Sometimes you end up with a Great Recession, in the most recent case, thanks to Wall St. and all that ilk. Yet in spite of there being plenty of opportunity for this administration to ‘de-escalate’, stabilize and build on a history of some stature, it has instead decided that chaos is to it’s advantage. As usual, leaving those of us who fund them to pick up the pieces.

Tax ‘reform’ is a prime example. Shove through a tax reform bill, then shut down the government just in time for tax season, leaving untrained tax prepare ‘experts’, untrained IRS agents and employees, and an un-prepared public.

Yeah. MAGA….