Been a busy couple of years… .  Projects at work, managing life… living.  The farm has done well all considered.  2011 saw boom prices, speculators driving the price of corn far beyond what could reflect real value.  2012 was much the same.  2013 brought reality back with a slap in the face.  We saw corn at over $7/bu and then down to below $4/bu.  Needless to say, inputs did not vary that much… .  Monsanto and company rake it in regardless.  The large farms continue to receive the benefit of the doubt while the small family farm gets smacked by the government and the markets.

Some idiot in Madison saw fit to allow a foreign entity buy up thousands of acres in Grant County at a price no one else could come close to paying.  The law is that foreign entities may own up to a little over 600 acres.  Somehow, UBC got around that.  It is a travesty from my point of view.  Another example of policy makers making policy to the advantage of those who pay the most to get them elected.  It is simply sick and wrong.

But our little farm continues on.  We have seen some of the best yields ever, thanks to Jon and Adam, our agronomist.  Our soil quality is improving.

And now there is more time.  I have been forced to make some serious changes in my life, and it has cost my family dearly.   They continue to stick by me and I can not express my gratitude enough.

So more of my attention is going to be focused on the farm.  There are so many projects that need to be planned, funded and executed.  I am convinced that diversity is the key to maintaining a small family farm.  The corn, beans and wheat need to become corn, beans, wheat and alfalfa with a more complex rotation.  And the pasture needs to produce more than it does.  I still aim to make the hops work, and I want to explore grapes, hazel nut and possibly Asian Pears.

So much to do, and I am so much less capable…, but it will be done!  By God it will be!