Build moisture boards for hives. Do so as follows:

  • Drill 4 2″ holes, two on each side of a shallow super
  • Cover holes with screen material
  • Cover the bottom of the super with screen material
  • Cover the screen with very dry wood chips up to 4″ deep
  • Place the box under the telescoping cover and over the top of the inner cover
  • Ensure that the inner cover has an escape notch for cleansing flights etc…

The wood chips will insulate and also allow for air flow. Condensation will drip onto the wood chips from the telescoping cover and be absorbed by the wood chips. The air flow through the 2″ holes will dry the wood chips and provide good air flow in the hive.

If a candy board is used, it should be placed above the inner cover and below the moisture board.

This is a modification of an idea taken from the following site: