entropy_of_infinityThis is a place where I go to simply state what I think at the time, or how I go about thinking about some given issue or subject. One may find rants here. One may find odd fragments of thought, unfinished. One may find some of this offensive, though I don’t set out to be offensive.I practice ideas here. Some I simply try on for size and fit. Ideas are similar to items of clothing in some ways. There is a difference however: Once one tries on and idea, it changes the one trying. One can ditch an idea that they have tried on, but one can not get away from the change that trying the idea made in one-self. It permeates in an osmotic way. An idea bleeds into ones existence inexorably, combining with the essence of ones being and altering that being.

Sort of scary in a way, and yet, without change there is no meaning. We exist to change….

Entropy is the proposed concept that all things tend toward random chaos. I think that is true at the most basic level. There is something that keeps that which we would define as chaos from presenting itself though.

Infinity is such an simple concept, and yet incredibly hard to envision, to get ones head around…. And yet we need really only look at ourselves to understand it. We change constantly, from the cosmic particles that pass through us by the billions each second to our understanding of who and what we are and how we fit into the pattern that mitigates Entropy in any sense which might be real to us.

We are part of the Infinity which holds true Entropy at bay….

The simple symbols at the top of this page represent that relationship. Entropy and Infinity sit side by side, they don’t fight for dominance, but instead balance each other…