Yet Another Great Book!

A highly educational book along with a great story of a farm family to boot. 

The book focuses on informing the reader of the what, how and why of soil repair, maintenance and regeneration. There is good science in this book which is introduced and talked about in such a way that anyone can understand it.

Gabe Brown is a good writer and the book is laid out in such a way that both the story of the family farm and the learning process is natural and simple to follow and …interesting! 

It is not often that I find a book written by a non-writer that is so interesting and compelling. I can not stress enough my recommendation for this book. It is one of two of my favorites of the year. This is good!

About Author:

Retired automation engineer (having had many roles leading up to that). Interested in agriculture, economics, cancer research, philosophy, embedded systems and SOC(System On Chip). Enjoy the family farm and my grandsons and playing around with Raspberry Pi and Arduino systems. A bit of web programming in Perl... growing plants.... and too many other things to list.

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