Keep them in perspective....
Keep them in perspective….

Politicians are by the nature of what they do, parasites. They don’t produce anything of measurable value and yet they cost us so much in time, money and discord.

Now that is not to say they are worthless. They fit into our environment like all creatures, they have a functional purpose… . Just like rats and cockroaches and other lifeforms that we may perceive as less than desirable. We do need to maintain perspective and give credit where credit is due.

But we also need to keep them in their place. We need to keep them out of our homes, away from our food, and far away from our children. And they should be kept quiet, only making noise when we ask them to. And when they cross the bounds of those sacred realms, we should remember to swat them and put them back in their place.

Should that fail to constrain their irrational exuberance for getting into things they should not: They should be stomped on, the resultant puddle sprayed down with ammonia and bleach and subsequently wiped up and disposed of.

Then the offending little insects (or rodents) should be forgotten, as we would have already spent more time on them than they were worth…

Wesley J. Wieland